Hitachi Capital America is always working to enhance our service ability to our customers. Whether you are looking to lease or to own, Hitachi wants to help keep you on the road and earning.

Customer Assistance Program:  CAP

There are moments where times can be hard and money is tight. Our goal is to keep you in your truck or trailer to get you through that "bump in the road" and Hitachi's Customer Assistance Program (CAP) may be what you need. Our customer service team will work with you during your hardship to get you back on the right track.


Hitachi Capital America, Transportation Finance, a unit of Hitachi Capital America Corp. is an independent diversified financial services company. Transportation Finance serves the commercial trucking marketplace with the highest levels of service quality and very competitive and reliable financial products and programs.  We are licensed to provide financing in all 50 U.S. states, as well as Canada.

Hitachi Capital America Corp., formed in 1989, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Capital Corporation, which was founded in 1957 as a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., and has become a global leader in the financial services industry.

Our programs and services are available through participating truck dealerships nationwide. We work with you through the dealer of your choice to offer a finance arrangement that will best fit your specific business needs. Whether you are a local tradesman or a road warrior, Hitachi Capital America can successfully solve your financing needs with either a Secured Loan Agreement, Secured Loan with a final balloon payment or TRAC Lease.

Commercial Vehicle Financing

Our finance or lease programs and services are only available to the commercial market. Our financing is open to which ever make or model that meets your business needs whether it's a SUV for your sales team, a pickup for your site supervisor, refrigerated truck, tow-truck or if you drive coast -to-coast. Hitachi offers a range of options including finance loan, TRAC lease or a loan with a balloon for both new and used trucks.


We realize that as a business owner your time is limited and every minute counts. You will find that our smooth, streamlined process is seamless to you and your employees so your vehicles can be on the road and working.


Finance Options

The Secured Loan or Secured Loan with Final Balloon Payment Agreements provide an affordable way to own your own truck or trailer with a standard monthly payment ranging from 36 to 72 months. Our competitive rates and pricing will ensure you the comfort and pride in ownership.


The TRAC Lease provides a cost effective way to help you run your business and add to your fleet.  Leasing helps manage your expenses by choosing a payment structure depending on the amount you borrow and deferring the balance until the end of the term. Hitachi offers lease buyout options ranging from $1 to 40% of the transaction balance with an opportunity to finance the buyout upon termination.

Unlike a traditional lease, the TRAC Lease does not have any mileage restrictions allowing your fleet to be on the road as much as you need them to be.

Leasing a vehicle can offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Capital Conservation. Keep control of your cash.
  • Credit Line Conservation. Conserve your traditional bank line of credit for real working capital.

  • Potential Tax Savings. Your lease may qualify you for off balance sheet financing. Consult a tax specialist to review your specific requirements.

  • Flexibility. From payment structure to your end of lease options, you can establish a plan that makes sense to you.

  • Fleet Application. Establish Credit Lines and Master Leases to accommodate your fleet or multi-unit requirements.


Manufacturer Relationships

Hitachi Capital America is proud to have been selected by some of the top truck manufactures as a preferred finance source for their dealer networks. As a preferred finance partner of Isuzu Commercial Trucks of America, HCA works intently with their exclusive dealer network to ensure premier truck buying and customer service experience.